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Huaraz, in the Callejón de Huaylas Valley, is a unique city. Although this is an old Andes city, much of it was destroyed in the 1970 earthquake.

It was subsequently rebuilt in a hurry, with square characterless concrete buildings. Despite this, Huaraz is set amidst beautiful snowcapped mountains which ring the city and has its own appeal.
The main attraction for visitors coming to Huaraz is the adventure that awaits just beyond the city. For mountain climbing, trekking, and other high altitude sports, this is the place to visit. Huaraz is the adventure capital of Peru.
The city is at an altitude of 3,091m / 10,138ft. The high season here is the dry season of May to October. The rainy season begins in November and runs until April, although November and April can still be descent months.